Biotech, Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Courses
Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device
These courses are used by a variety of fortune 500 companies to train their analysts, scientists and engineers. TLC has extensive experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries and has trained over 60,000 scientists, engineers and business professionals globally.

In addition to training, TLC works actively with the drug development team to assure product development and submission study design, data analysis, risk assessments, design of experiments, assay development and validations all meet the high standards of regulatory review and use best in class approaches to product development and report generation.

Thomas A. Little has consultants located in the United States and globally and offers training in English and Mandarin.

Download Curriculum

Download the full course curriculum for Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries in PDF format.

Statistical & Analytical Courses

These applied analytical and problem solving courses are used for product development, cost reduction, root cause analysis, process modeling, process control and performance optimization.

Lean Six Sigma

Complete curriculum for new product development, manufacturing and business process performance optimization.

Tools & Templates

Development tools and templates created by Thomas A. Little Consulting have been used by numerous companies to aid and support various aspects of product development, problem solving, data analysis and risk assessment.